Sunday, May 16, 2010

WET Weekend

Mayfest was in town so the weather stirred up some excitement - the weather guys thought it would rain through the weekend but it was so wet by Friday night, only intermittant rain was needed to keep everything muddy all weekend long.  Tornadic winds were very close to the Wild O Ranch in the wee hours on Thursday but no wind to speak of Sat. or Sun.

The girls and I joined Josey and her new horse Packer for the Party Lesson Sat. morning.  Alas, Splash was off on the right front (we think) so I tied him to the trailer.  Maybe the stumble into the bottomess hole at Prairie Lane last week caused real injury?  Splash has been many things - slow, frustrating, lazy, stubborn, irritating, resistant, etc., but has never been off before. 

Alaina and Ivy worked their mounts while Tami and I saddled Digger for me to try.  Either my saddle didn't suit him or he didn't like my bit or he thinks I am to heavy... or all of the above.  Digger did not like bend either direction.  We did get some nice leg yields along with switching tail and baby bucks throughout.  So, I quit working Digger too and just watched the end of the lesson. 

The Big News is that Mallory purchased horse property in Verdigris and has big plans for building a covered or indoor arena to have boarding, training, and trail riding in the near future.  The place has a spring-fed pond, the barn has inside art and there is access to riding along the river.  I can hardly wait for the new neighbors - its just 7 miles from my door to the new farm - Green River Ranch is one possible name.  It is a spectacular place.  Welcome to the neighborhood.

YaYa'a plan to celebrate May birthdays this week but I will be in Kansas so can not join in.  Hopefully, I will get to ride or eat or both with my friends soon so eat some cake for me....

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  1. Do you think I could spin some of the Dezi-do's shed/snow fall? What a blizzard! XO