Sunday, November 29, 2009


I am thankful for all my family, friends, and horses...
We all got stuffed in Nowata at the annual Orban Thanksgiving Feast. Kale was home just long enough to go to Nowata since he was working Wed. and Friday - but it was great to see him. The weather was fine and we had loads of fun gabbing and watching the cousins play. After eating all the turkey and pot luck, Stephanie and I had our annual after-turkey walk to Gaylor with a stop for a quick visit to Jan and company. Stephanie and I plotted a ride on Friday...
So, Steff and I took Sunny and Splash to Claremore Lake and ran into Deb C on Truely - we had a lovely ride and checked out the powerline easement (some trail clearing needed), wandered along the shoreline, and let the horses have a bit of trail salad along the way.
Sherry B and Joker joined me for the trip to Inola on Sat. for the party lesson. Shirley was working Mystic and I used some spurs with Splash. Joker was really good but sure has grown since Sherry got him. Mystic gave Shirley some lovely trot work and Patty says they are ready for canter. We practiced lateral work including leg yeilds from quarterline and some shoulder-in. Splash is moving away from my leg with more impulsion than his foward! Again, Splash and I worked on maintaining the canter and although we dropped gait once to the right, all our leads were correct - yippee.
Graham's was closed and Patty was not able to lunch because of a baby shower for Rhonda (Rhonda and Eric are expecting a boy in Dec). So we met Marsha in Claremore at Ron's and feasted on SPANISH FRIES... mmmmm
The big news is that our YaYa Dirty Santa Xmas party is this week at Sherry's. So, the holiday eating season has started and we will fight over those dirty santa gifts. FUN!

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