Monday, November 23, 2009

Leg Yield as Resistance

The YaYa's sent a team to the annual fall hunter pace held at Flint Creek over toward Arkansas. Rita, Sherry, and Christiana took Reese, Jazz and Ardie (a walker equivalent at the pace but a dressage standout for GCC/ODS) and had a great time. Maybe next year I should gather a group of VERY SLOW quarter horse types and try for the worlds longest hunter pace pace (5 hours?). But, since I was worried about being left in the dust by those WILD WALKER WOMEN AND CHRISTIANA, I went to Patty's for the Sat. Party Lesson.

Cindy, Donna, Marsha and I worked our horses before heading to Graham's for lunch. Cindy is in Tulsa for most of the week and she needed some equine therapy. I took Sunny for Donna, Pico for Cindy, and Splash for me. Pico and Sunny really benefited from adult riders; Sunny especially has developed some pesky habits being riden by a 10-year old for the last year or 2.
So, we warmed up with leg stretches, arm circles, and heel extensions and then moved into trot work. I was using the GNS because I was feeling weak after a week of work in KS. We worked on leg yields from quarter line and Splash was pretty good to begin with going to the right. Then, we changed directions and Splash would fall fast to the rail. Patty had me leg yield in stair steps to control the headlong dive to the rail. Splash decided to RESIST. After leg yielding 2 or 3 steps I took left leg off and tried to drive him into my hands to straighten out. The RAT continued to leg yield all the way to the rail. Its always something. Last week we dropped gait several times during canter, so this week we worked to maintain impulsion - No canter circles for us. I worked on using seat/leg and tried to steady my upper body. We made some progress. Marsha and Lil used canter circles to slow the canter and gain some balance. Lil looked great in the lesson.

It was wonderful to have Cindy back on a horse and Pico was a semi-good boy and she was able to have a little of his lovely canter. Donna was in a western saddle on the Sunny-boy but I think next time will put some English on.

In other horsey news..... October was way muddy and Pico has developed some serious rain rot on his lower legs and stifle area. TC has some small areas on his rump and even Splash as a spot or two. So, I got out the vinegar and iodine and treated where needed. The Wild O Ranch is still to muddy from last weeks rain for riding in the arena - so we didn't have riding distractions from the grooming projects. X fingers for a mild winter and more yaya trail rides in the next few weeks.

Disclaimer: There is WINE in those water bottles.....

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