Saturday, November 7, 2009

November but still Indian Summer

After all the rain of October, November has been beautiful so far. Monday morning when I was at work, the yayas had a lovely ride at Glenbrook.... So, after plotting most of the week, I took a day off and joined the Sista's at Rita's on Friday morning. Nine of us rode the trails in the woods and made multiple water crossings.

Splash was a good boy for the most part. During our arena warm up, Splash was taking in-correct leads into the canter; so we had to practice a bit more before we could hit the trails. We had a little trouble up the last slope which is very slippery with loose rocks. Splash tries to rush - charging up the hill. He has never liked that part of the trail and has fallen to his knees in the same place last year. But, we made it up and then back to the barn for a very successful and fun ride. Then, off to Chilli's for yummy lunch with the molten volcano chocolate thing for desert.

No party lesson on Sat. because Patty was demo rider for the 2nd annual Womans's expo in Guthrie. But not to worry! A riding plan was made and Sherry B, Nicole B, the girls and I had a lovely ride at Claremore Lake. Alaina took Diez out again for a walk only ride, Ivy rode Splash, I had Sunny, Sherry worked Joker for the first time in forever, and Nicole had her Elvis. We let several kids pat our mounts and Elvis, Sunny, and Joker even walked a few steps in the lake.

Sunday was dry but cloudy and windy. I worked on projects around the house and didn't get a chance to ride myself. Made a quick trip to Walmart and ran into Marsha and Melissa - sometimes you get lucky and get to see friends. I will plot all week and hope to manage a yaya ride next Friday!

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