Saturday, February 28, 2009

Still Winter

The last day of Feb. and winter is still hanging on. 30 degrees when we got up this morning and dropped to 27 by the time we left for Patty's and it stayed around 30 all day long. Poor Patty had to layer up and give lessons to Ivy and Alaina first and then to Kathy, Marsha, Sheila, Allison, Shannean, and me. We had to lounge Sunny and Pico before the girls rode and Sunny was pretty snotty. Alaina got started slowly but ended up cantering for the first time on Sunny in an English saddle. Both Ivy and Shannean rode Pico and both girls made progress.

Sheila rode Gravy in the lesson and he is a cutie; I guess the gravy train is over for Gravy, but he sure is a nice pretty horse. Kathy had her second lesson with Call and they had a great ride. Allison did a good job with the little yellow horse and Marsha and Lil had a good ride too. We worked on leg yeilds at the walk first then at the trot.

Splash was pretty resistant in the walk but did better in the trot leg yields. We had some pretty nice trot work and adequate canter to the left. Unfortunately, we had a rough time getting canter to the right. We had flurries the whole time we were riding and it was truely cold. I guess we know who the crazies are to be riding in such cold temps. But freezing or not, my new winter boots do the trick and my feet stayed warm. I am very proud of Marsha and Kathy especially since both of them claim they won't ride in the cold. But Patty's arena blocking the wind really helps and I fear a ride tomorrow might be to cold in the wild Orban ranch arena where the wind can howl unimpeded. Next weekend is the Will Rogers Classic show so the show season is upon us. Sheila and Kathy and I are plotting a ride March 22 so stay tuned for details. Yaya.

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