Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kathy's new girl is in Claremore!

After several weeks of anticipation, Call arrived in Claremore late this afternoon after about 48 hours in the trailer from California. Kathy walked her around Painted Acres and Call took it all in stride. Call got a new pink and burgandy blanket in a size 78 which was just right and she looked right at home in her new stall bedded down for the night. Kathy and Call will have their first lesson at Patty's Wed. evening. Very Exciting.
The weekend weather was better than expected - 45 for a high with high winds was expected for Sat. but seven hardy riders braved the morning chill for the party lesson at 11. Caspar was looking really good and Carol brought Snip for a relaxing ride. Snorty was a bit amped for spring but Krystal worked him through. The first exercise after warm-up was work on leg yeild along the rail. Marsha and I found it very hard on the hip joints and Splash was very resistant. But, Splash worked better in the trot and his transitiions in walk/trot are improving. Canter transition to the left is not bad although we are still struggling with canter transitions to the right. Patty says the days of the German Neck Stretcher are numbered becuause Splash is starting to become round more consistantly. I think this week's improvement was because we got a little work both Wed and Fri eveing. As the days get longer, we may get more riding in.
The first 4-H show is coming March 7/8 and the first dressage show will be March 15. Ruthie and Shannean will be share/showing Pico at the dressage shows. Ruthie came out Wed. evening and worked Pico and Shannean came this morning to work Pico and Splash a bit. R and S plan to show Pico in Intro and Training level and Shannean will ride Splash at 4-H shows. I am looking farward to both girls haveing lots of fun with Pico and maybe even riding a first level test by the end of the show year. YaYa!

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