Sunday, February 1, 2009


Tomorrow is Ground Hog Day and I sure hope that pesky prairie dog AKA ground hog does not see his shadow and does not hide for another 6 weeks of winter. But the forecast is for sunshine. I can't believe how fast the first month of 2009 has flown by. Splash has not made any discernible progress this year so I best work a little harder on him. The girls and I went to Patty's Sat. morning early to try to get the 10 Oclock lesson if available. It wasn't. Shannean met us and rode Splash first and then Pico. You really appreciate Pico after working so hard to every step on Splash. Shannean was able to get some canter work out of the boy but she sure does prefer Pico. The plan is for her to ride Splash in the 4-H shows and for Ivy to ride Pico. Hopefully, Alaina will be able to handle Sunny. Both Ivy and Alaina did not canter yesterday because the horses were a bit fresh. Next weekend, the girls will compete in the State Horse Communication Constest on Sat, so I won't get to ride. But, weather permitting, Shannean will visit Sun. morning and we will get a little ride in then. YaYa's rode a little today at Rita's but I didn't check my email in time to join in. Next time!

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