Sunday, August 5, 2012

Drill Team Report

Excessive heat warnings were issued so we cancelled Ride Night on Thursday evening; temperatures ranged from 108 to 112.  To beat the heat, we worked Sister Friday morning in the WOR Arena.  I switched bits too since the loose ring snaffle we have been using is a little thick and I hope she will like a thinner D-ring.  Maybe she does, but who can say.

After cancelling drill 2 weeks in a row because it was to hot, we went ahead in spite of the high of 112 degrees.  In the shade of the Rocking C arena, with low humidity and a brisk breeze, the practice went well - walk/trot only to be safe.  Pico was a little off; perhaps its a little arthritis?  We will start him on some joint supplement ASAP.  Since he is 17, perhaps we should have started him on joint supplement earlier?  Alaina and Sunny did a little flag practice too (their first attempt).

Sister and I went to the Party Lesson alone.  We did warm-up with Clinton Anderson exercises including backing and desensitizing with stick and string.  We concentrated on correct bend and support to prevent falling in or falling out.  Sister really drops her shoulder to the left rather than bending left so I worked to provide enough outside rein and inside leg.  We worked spiral-in/out both directions and then leg-yields before........   asking for CANTER.  We started right lead and the transitions were prompt if a little rushed and we stayed on the 20 m circle.  Then.... the dreaded LEFT LEAD.  Sister did NOT want to take the canter and our first transition was tough.  We were 3/4 of the way around the circle before we got the canter depart.  Sister felt rushed and I tried to sit deep and give half-halts to help with balance.  Our second canter depart was better so we stopped before I ran out of steam.   I claim success since I didn't fall OFF.  Yippee.

On a somber note, several large wild fires ravaged areas west of Tulsa on Saturday made more dangerous by the stiff breeze and the extra dry conditions.  Donna and Billy lost their detached garage (holding all their sentimental keepsakes as well as furnishings in storage while they remodel the house).  Saturday evening, a front came through with cooler temps and a change of wind-directions helped firefighters gain some control.  But, several towns were decimated and many have lost homes.  The front brought a little rain in our neck of the woods as well as some serious wind so we lost power for a few hours.  Perhaps the moisture will help lower the fire danger. 

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