Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Heat

Almost August in OK so it should be hot.  I still can whine and then have some wine in the AC.

Friend Chelsea L visited Tuesday evening to try western on Sunny.  She is a serious jumper and has never ridden western but had a tryout today for a college equestrian team at NEO - western - so wanted a little experience in a western saddle on a western pony.  Alaina enjoyed giving advice to such an accomplished rider and Chelsea followed up with a lesson at Dawn D on Friday.  She is a good rider so cross fingers and toes for her.

The girls and I took some horses to the Hays Homestead to play on Friday morning.  Ivy and Abbi jumped while Alaina, Lara, and Annabelle worked on their western.  Meanwhile, I worked Sister in the round pen and Alaina followed up by riding her - walk/trot/canter - no kick-out so I took heart.

So, since Splash is still at Dawn D's, I took Sister to the party lesson.  Started out with some Clinton Anderson exercises before mounting up for the lesson.  Sister was very forward but fussy in the bridle and falling left/right.  So we worked on circular connection keeping leg and hand on to maintain straightness or bend.  We made some progress but I didn't feel confident enough to ask for canter.

The girls and I rode on Sunday morning - I worked Sister on bend after starting out with CA groundwork.  After I was finished working Sister, Alaina got on to try canter both directions.  Things went well.  Then, Ivy worked a bit of trot work over crossbars.  Sister was pretty good.

The temperatures are in the triple digits with 114 forecast later this week.  At this rate, YaYa rides are months away.

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