Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Show

The Rogers County 4-H Horse Club held their Hot Horse Show on August 11 expecting the triple digit heat that has baked the state for the last few weeks.  So, no stifling show cloths required - casual dress (Tee-shirts and jeans) and a more relaxed atmosphere made for a fun and relaxing show.  Good news, a COLD FRONT meant that the temps were in the 90's - comparatively cool.

Class Ivy Alaina
Halter 6 NA
Showmanship 6 5
Hunter Under Saddle 2 3
Hunt Seat Eq 5 1
Hunter Hack 1 3
Trail 4 3
Western Pleasure 6 5
Western Horsemanship 5 6
Barrels NA 5
Poles NA 5

Both Pico and Sunny had some hitches in their get-alongs.  First thing in the morning, Sunny stood waiting for showmanship a LONG time and then had to go from stand to trot.  It wasn't smooth but he smoothed out once they started riding.  Pico has a chunk out of his front right hoof which could be why he has an occasional hop in his trot on the left diagonal.  Both girls rode Hunter Under Saddle well.  Hunt Seat Eq had a turn on the forehand to the right.  The judge tried to explain but the kids got confused - half went left (including Ivy) and half went right (including Alaina).  Ivy and Pico had a really good Hunter Hack - very forward to the jumps and correct leads.  Alaina and Sunny - not so much.  Sunny stepped on the rail and broke a jump cup - he thought he was riding in trail.

Western competition was tough so the girls are looking toward the final show of the year (county fair) to get a few more points.

So, no party lesson and, since I spent the week in Kansas, no Friday Play-Day.  But the hint of cooling makes me look forward to fall and riding with my YaYa Sisters.

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