Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ranch Rodeo Time

A Tree Grows In....  My Trailer Door... 
Sadly, I missed the Wednesday YaYa ride because of WORK.  But, I trust the girls had fun without me and Splash.

The Rogers County 4-H Horse Club manned the concession stand at the Ranch Rodeo held at the Claremore Expo - the girls were signed up for both Friday and Saturday evening.  The 4-H food show was Friday night as well, so we dropped bread (both I and A) and cinnamon rolls (A only) on our way to the rodeo - worked a couple of hours - then, back to the County building for the end of the food show.  Alaina was reserve intermediate baker for her braided yeast bread - all entries were delicious.

Considering how many rodeos I have been to working concessions, I have actually seen very little rodeo.  But, I managed to watch a little "sorting" (Team Doctoring) where the 4 ranch cowboys had to separate one steer from the herd, move him across a line, rope head then heels and tie the feet (they have to stay tied).  One team managed that in under a minute but it looked difficult - those steers are pretty tough.  I missed the Wild Cow Milking, Sorting (separating several identified steers and moving them to the other end of the arena), Team Branding, and Saddle Bronc.  Its a good thing I and A are young since they spent Saturday at the Conference Track meet before working concessions and clearing trash from the arena.

Sunday noon and Ivy washed Pico and then, while she washed Sunny, I tied Pico to the trailer with the slip tie ring and did some CA de-sensitizing.  I threw plastic, brushes, whips, and the manure fork at him until he stood still for it.  CA says:  "heart attacks are free - give one to your horse."  (evil laugh)

The rain predicted went north of us but Pico and Sunny got the full show prep treatment by KB Pro-Show Grooming in the afternoon.  Krystal managed to trim Pico's ears w/o twitching and both boys look good for District in a couple of weeks.  Krystal will come by on District-eve to polish a bit and they will look great.  Now if they will just shed out that mottled winter coat before then....

So, we will work horses every chance we get until District - and with luck - ride with the YaYa's if the stars align.

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