Sunday, April 1, 2012

Early (Warm) Spring

At long last!  The Saturday Party Lesson was on.  Roxy, Ivy and Alaina worked their mounts in the outdoor arena concentrating on jumping - practicing lessons learned from Pie.  Mallory, Nancy, Cynthia, Margret and I worked in the covered (much cooler in the shade).  Splash was so good, I had to quote Larry a higher price. 
After the lesson, we went for lunch at the new place in town and followed up with cake for Nancy at the Rocking C - we missed Nancy's birthday a couple of weeks ago but we remembered to celebrate.
We all started the lesson with Trot and Splash and I worked on submission and impulsion while we all made circles down the long side - Splash and I worked toward 15 meter circles and everyone else tried for 10.  Next, leg yields from quarter line at the trot both directions followed by canter work one by one.  Splash got all his leads correctly - right lead canter from the walk was prompt with only a small head lift, left lead from the trot was obedient.  Downward transitions to walk were a bit rough but the second try was better.  While the others worked on canter, Splash and I worked on walk.  Transitions to walk on a long rein are good but Splash usually picks up a trot as soon as I start to collect the reins (no German Neckstretcher to assist).  So, we stopped/backed each time Splash tried to trot.

At the Wild O Ranch on Sunday afternoon, TC and Diez got groomed and iodine baths - Diez was not amused but TC seemed to enjoy the extra attention.  Both are loosing enough hair to stuff a sofa, but Diez is the champion hair distributor leaving drifts of white all over the yard.
While TC and Diez stood tied to the round pen drying off, Splash got to try out the new ground poles in the round pen doing some Clinton Anderson exercises.  We worked on lunging until Splash turned in to the pen when reversing direction and showed the willingness to follow me around the pen.  Then, we did de-sensitizing until whirling the whip overhead stressed TC out - Splash was not concerned.  Good equine therapy even without riding.  My arena is dry and ready when I get my next chance.  YaYa!

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