Monday, March 19, 2012

Shackelford Bank Ponies and JUMPING

So you can see that I got behind in my blogging. Sorry 'bout that. We have been busy with spring and things. The jumping clinic at the Rocking C two weeks ago was a big success. Alaina and Sunny rode in the first group each morning and they really made jumping progress. Ivy and Pico rode in the second group and Pico was definitely on his game - Ivy needs to keep that Pico for her jumping classes.  Roxy and Trouper were in Ivy's group and they had some lovely jumps too.  The girls got to ride with several kids from the dressage camp and made some new friends too.  Pie L is a fun trainer and really knows how to help the kids improve their form over jumps.  Interestingly, she was my first really riding instructor years ago when Cindy, Mary and I rode at Pie's barn in Sperry - Jaime had her first riding lesson with her too.

Pie moved her operation to Colorado but I hope she will come present another clinic in OK soon - there are several instructional videos on her website.  Splash and Mario got to ride in the trailer, stand and eat hay, wait a while, and then...... Mallory and I worked them a bit to help ease our pain of missing the Party Lesson.

Next adventure, a girls trip to New Bern, NC to celebrate Dawn's 50th.  Steff O joined Tricia J and me for the fun.  We toured historic houses, forts, and palaces, hiked though pine forests, rode ferries, ate great seafood, collected shells along the beach, watched dolphins in the ocean, got close and personal with the wild ponies on Shakleford Banks, and drank a little wine.  Very fun. 

Remember - Women with Whips are 82% likely to get what they want.  I want 2 whips....  YaYa.

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