Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dressage Season!

Splash and I went over to Mallory's on Friday for a quick lunch and some equine activities.  Splash was in serious need of attitude readjustment after his rotten behavior at the Will Rogers Classic.  Mallory worked both Trooper in and out of the saddle and Sister on the ground.  Trooper is one smooth ride and Sister is ... Sister.

SOOOOO.  Splash got to try Sunny's Western twisted wire snaffle with the German Neck Stretcher.  He says:  "Yes Mam'am!"   Evil laugh.  Mallory's arena was lots firmer with a truck-load of sand removed so Splash had a much easier time working.  I rode with no rein pressure letting the GNS maintain the attention I wanted.  We did a lot of long trot cruising all over the arena and some good canter work both ways including correct leads every time.  I have started alternating posting diagonal every 2, 4, or 6 strides during trot work practice and it seems to help maintain Splash's attention.  He was responsive to seat and leg during our work.  It was fun to feel a bit of progress.

So, the girls and I rode in the March Madness Dressage Show I with Roberta Clark judging on Saturday.  Since Alaina and I start with Intro C and Ivy rides First Level, we are there ALL day.  We all got a few hours of volunteer hours in too.  Alaina and Sunny received 64.25 for Intro C including an 8 for the final halt.  Sunny needs more energy (especially at the walk) and more bend in the canter work but showed bend in some corners.  Then, in their first Western Dressage Class, they received 58.620.  Sunny needs more ground cover in walk and more energy overall but a lovely first effort including the BLING.  Naomi dropped by to help with the tack change and to watch.
Ivy and Pico concentrated on First Level and had a good first show of the year.  Pico had to contend with a Jupiter jump party just across the street with screaming children.  Very Scary for him.  The pair received 61.551 in FL-1 (7s for both halts) and 62.258 in FL-3 (8 for one 15 m canter circle).  Roberta says that lengthenings need work and to think "uphill" for better balance.  Splash and I rode in Intro-C and TL-1 and scored 60.00 and 63.333 respectively.  Roberta says to maintain Splash's shoulders up to help balance and to think "straight."  Both halts were slightly haunches right so we need to work on that.  We received a 7 for the stretchy circle which is wonderful but we need more march in the free walk.  Overall, a fun show and nice rides to start the year off. 
We have another 4-H Point show on Saturday so no Party Lesson for me this week.  If I could just fit a ride with my YaYa sisters in, everything would be good.

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