Friday, January 20, 2012

Return of the Cold Front

Or maybe just cloud cover. 

Mallory and I planned a fun Friday playing with the ponies in the 50 degree sunshine predicted. Alas, cloudy and cold was the order of the day.  It was 11am and 36 degrees and Mallory told me to get over my Miami roots, put on my boots, and come work my horse.

So, I did.  First some Clinton Anderson in the round pen - lunging for respect, desensitizing/rope, yeilding the hind quarters, desensitizing/string, flexing, and a bit of backing.  Then, up to the arena for some basic flat work.  Splash was a pretty good boy.  The deep, sandy arena is hard for Splash but he gave mostly good efforts in canter departs with just one wrong lead at the start.  Then, we concentrated on forward trot and some stand/trot transitions.  Finally, for cool down, we did some turns on forehand and haunches.  I tied Splash to the trailer for a cool down and "lesson setting" while I watched Mallory work Sister in the round pen.  Sister is pretty responsive to all the exercises but has a residual kernal of resistance - but I know Mallory will prevail.

Meanwhile, my Saturday Party Lesson is a no-go and I will be in Stillwater for a 4-H training while Patty and Kathy are at the AGM.  Perhaps I can sneak a ride in Sunday morning between the cold fronts.  YaYa.

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