Monday, January 30, 2012

Balmy in January

Fourteen Biker Women Lunching at LaMansion in Catoosa - LART (Lunch After Road Trip) on Saturday afternoon. Luckily, the LaMansion staff love to have WWL (Women Who Lunch).  So we joined them for LAL... hahaha... Really they are just like us having lunch with their girlfriends who share their passion for riding. We ride powerful animals and they ride powerful machines. They did have matching bandanas too.

The last weekend of January was beautiful with temperatures starting off in the fifties on Saturday and almost making 60 on Sunday - way better than "almost 40."

The girls' lesson started late because of a couple distractions.  Sophie, Sydney's new horse got a serious laceration on her face so Dr. S. came out to sew her up - Mallory gave some medical assistance before we got going in our lesson. 

And, Cynthia was moving in with Ahab and Shadow, so Alaina was very distracted with the new Arabian and Half Arab.

Finally, the girls rode and after their lesson, Ivy jumped Pico over the BARRELS for the first time. Very Nice.

So, the ladies started late too.We had the SUPER Party Lesson with Nancy, Kathy, Mallory, Mary, me, Cynthia, and Margret.

We rode in the outdoor arena since the weather was nice and the group was so big.  Splash struggled with canter in the deeper parts and where the surface was uneven.  Even so, he was a pretty good boy.  Mallory had some lovely canters, Call looked great in the trot work and Nancy had nice canter departs both ways.  Yay!

Ivy, Alaina and I rode our horses at the Wild O Ranch on Sunday afternoon.  Steve set up a new Gate for Alaina in the grassy side arena and Ivy was set to do more JUMPS.  Steve took some pix from the top of the shed and scared poor Freako-Pico.

Pico spooked at                   Sunny resisted the
      low jumps on Sunday.                                                           grass temptation.

Ivy took pictures so I would have Blog Fodder. 

The weather is great for now, but cold rainy weather is in the forcast later this week.  If so, the groundhog will not see his shadow and we will have an early spring.  YaYa.

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