Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year - New Horse

Well, not really.  It's just that with the unseasonably lovely weather for January in OK, I have managed more riding than usual.  And, the result?  If I didn't know better, I would think Splash was a really good horse.  After 4 riding days over the New Year's weekend, Splash and I worked 3 days over this past weekend.

Friday was Fabulous. So Mallory and Trouper picked us up and Splash and I joined the YaYa's at Oolagah (Centennial Trailhead) for a ride up Kite Hill.  Riders inclued:  Rita, Patty, Sherry, Lila, Marsha, Judy, Mallory, Amy, Linna, and me.  For the record - Kite Hill is way to steep for Splash - and for me.  We had a wonderful time anyway and the view from the top while picnicking with good friends was great.  Splash and I survived the trip downhill and Rita thinks I won't have any qualms about the slopes at her place from now on.  Hmmmm.

Saturday we joined Mallory, Mary, and Nancy for the Party Lesson with Lunch at Ramona's.  We worked on trot serpentines, sitting trot/collection, and then canter departs and canter circles.  Slash was really good in trot work sitting and posting and, after one left lead depart that should have been right, we had good canter work as well - only one instance of dropped gait.  We even did a little cone weaving at walk and then trot.

Sunday was cool but still warm for January.  I got Splash tacked up and we worked in the Wild O Arena for about 30 minutes before Ivy and Pico joined us.  Splash was a bit tense working on his own but it was good for him.  After Ivy jumped Pico at several levels of our jumps, Splash and I went around the front pasture all alone.  He was very good.  Perhaps Splash is my new horse after all.  YaYa!


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