Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cool in the 90's

The girls and I spent a week in Wyoming having a lovely time in the mountains.  I missed my YaYa Sisters but managed to get a ride in the Absakora Mountains.  My lovely mount was a percheron cross named Frosty (guess Grey with brown ears). Click this link for more Wyoming Pix .

Then, back in overheated OK, I spent the work week playing catch-up and with a bit of lunging work Friday night, rode in the Under the Stars dressage schooling show on Sat. eveing.  Ivy and Pico had a rough start with major spooking, off-course, dropped/added gaits, and etc. during her T-3 but had good rides for Prix Caprilli and F1.  Alaina and Sister were a bit tense in Intro B and noticed spurs still on her boots so removed them for Intro C - not bad considering - even got both canter leads.  Splash and I had a pretty decent Intro-C before a 90-min break.  Back in the arena, Splash was very clear - we were done and what did I think I was doing expecting obedience this late w/o supper.  The good news - I didn't fall off... The bad news - it wasn't pretty.  Ah, good to know there is room for improvement.  YaYa!

The heat wave is expected to continue but we won't get to ride next week since Patty will be off to Clayton's Wedding.  Mallory and Roxy will show at the Morgan show, so perhaps a horsey fix is possible.

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