Sunday, January 2, 2011

YaYa's Ride The Walkerosa - Jan. 2, 2011

Sixteen Riders dressed warm and headed out on Sunday afternoon for the first YaYa ride of  2011 ~ the sun was warming and the breezes light so the temperature seemed "almost 40" degrees.  Riders included:  Paula (trail boss extrodinaire), Laura, Tina, Cathy, Judy, Lila, Rhonda, Nancy, Rita, Alaina, Sherry, Patty, Chelsea, Julie, Ivy, and Elizabeth. Jimmy manned the homefires and several more joined in for good eats after the ride.

What a wonderful day and a wonderful ride.  Paula, Rhonda and Patty opened/closed all the gates ~ thanks guys.  We started through the woods and across the creek before we traversed the big pasture east of the house.  Then, down the road and through a couple more pastures and across another creek and then through some more woods as we circled south and west before heading back up the road to get back to the house.  We found a good tree jump and Chelsea inpired Rhonda, Ivy and Laura to try their jumpers.

Horses were well behaved and there were no unintended dismounts.   Ivy on Pico and Alaina with Diez were excited to be included on their first ride with the group.  The YaYa's shared pot luck before loading horses and heading home.  I can hardly wait for our next YaYa ride - Hope you all can join us. 

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