Friday, January 7, 2011

Sister's Status -Year-End 2010

My only New Year's resolution for 2010:  "If I can't ride Sister by the end of the year, we will have to sell her."  And, by year end, I was riding Sister - if not cantering nicely left lead.  So, I guess I don't have to sell her right this minute.  Lucky Sister. And Lucky Kale.

2010 Sister Re-cap -
Sister and Krystal in Stillwater - The winter weather was rotten so, even though Sister was Krystal's winter project, the ice/snow/wet curtailed regular work.  Even so, Sister did make progress and Krystal really improved Sister's ground manners and was able to walk/trot/canter and did lots of long trot.  I did ride walk/trot briefly before I brought her back to Tulsa in March.
Sister and Patty in Inola - Sister spent a few weeks in Inola where Patty really worked leg-yeild - leg-yeild - LEG-YEILD!  I tried walk/trot a couple of times before I brought her home for the summer.
Sister's Summer - Ivy and I did lots of round pen lunging and showmanship work. Ivy even took Sister to a 4-H point show for halter and showmanship and to a couple of ride nights.  Ivy and Ruthie tried walk/trot work a couple of times.  I hoped to ride in the Rogers County Fair - but we were NOT ready.
Sister and Dawn in Owasso - Dawn spent the last month of summer working Sister but I didn't try a ride.  Dawn didn't think training was going well enough so I brought her home.
Sister at Cheval Lake in Verdigris - With help from Christian, Sister was finally making progress.  Oct. 1 and I was worried about mounting, fearful of trot, and tentative when handling Sister.  By Nov. 6, I had progressed enough to take Sister to her first dressage show where we rode in a Walk/Trot Class.  By Thanksgiving, I was cantering right lead a little.  Although progress has SLOWED with our canter work, I am hopeful that 2011 will bring success with canter and perhaps enough courage to ride a little trail ride.

2011 is here and with winter in real swing, my riding opportunities have slowed a bit.  But, my last canter attempts went fairly well so cross fingers, Sister and I will continue to make strides.  I hope to take her to dressage schooling shows this year (the new Intro has canter in the highest level) and on the trail at Rita's by summer with my YaYa sisters. 

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