Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow and the Dezzie Doo

The snow that was predicted came in Wednesday night and the Wild Orban Ranch got 4 or 5 inches overnight.  Schools were cancelled and the girls went out first thing Thursday morning the play in the snow just so they could come in and have Hot Chocolate.  With Whipped Cream...  and Chocolate Chips.......

Steve kept the horses up with hay in the morning while the snow lightly sifted down. The snow ended around noon and he let them out with hay to play.

With my trusty computer hooked to the internet, I worked from home all morning and then, with my wonderboots on my feet, fleece breeches, gloves, etc. to keep warm, I went out to take photos and ride the Dezzie Doo.  Diez is hard to see in the snow but she is a cushy ride.

And she is already shedding.  LONG hair left Diez and applied itself to my fleece pants.  Lots of Long Dezzie hair.  Over two inches long - I measured several.  Alaina says that no outfit is complete without some Dezzie hairs.  I am very complete.  YaYa.

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