Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to Torture your Sister

1) invite Sister to come visit for the 4-H State Horse Show
2) load trailer for the show with Sister's Help
3) drive to Shawnee, 66 to 44 to 75 to 40 to trailer tire blowout - change tire with Sister McGyver - continue to Shawnee
4) unload trailer, set up stalls, help girls ride, wash horses, band/braid, feed horses, go to hotel in time for bed
5) back to show grounds, finish trimming, hoof polish, fix hair, etc......
6) show, show, show
7) back to hotel for pizza, pool, bed
8) back to showgrounds for Show, SHow, SHOw, SHOW
9) load trailer
10) backroads to the turnpike, to Claremore, Sister unloads trailer while I collasp on couch, bed
11) wake up and, after a light breakfast, to the CLAREMORE Expo to volunteer at the ODS/GCC dressage show....... 12:30 to 6:00pm.... help take down the arena.... hehehe
12) That should have turned her into a convert.  but... Trisha still doesn't like horses or want to ride.  I guess she loves me.... or my girls.....

And I owe her bigtime.

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