Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring is Sprung

Finally, beautiful weather for the weekend!  Wisteria, blooming trees, and tiny flowers in the grass - Green is beautiful.  And, it was Patty's birthday on Friday so Nancy E and I met Patty for a birthday lunch and had a lovely time.

The girls had a 4-H show on Sunday so I joined their lesson at 2 so that the 'boys' could have some pasture time on Sat. morning.  Alaina rode Sunny English for the first time since working with Dawn and I worked Splash withOUT the German Neck Stretcher.  All three of us practiced equitation and both Ivy and Alaina did better than Splash and me - Splash made all the transitions look heavy but did take correct leads.  Ivy concentrated on jumping and made good progress.  After the lesson, we trimmed, bathed and banded so that Sunday morning wouldn't be a frenzy. 

The show was 4-H only, so, for an all-day event it was fairly low-key.  Ivy showed Splash in halter and showmanship and they placed 4th in halter - then she switched to Pico and rode English, Western and speed but no Trail.  Pico was a really GOOD boy all day long and they won all three English classes and performed well in the others (although that Dressage canter doesn't cut it in the speed classes). This was the first show with straight bars this year so I was very proud.  Alaina and Sunny had a great day too although their placings weren't as high.  They concentrate on Western and Trail and the competition is very stiff with more competitors and very nice horses.  But, they placed 2nd in horsemanship and 3rd in Trail - they skipped the speed stuff.  Both girs had a fun day but still had energy to play with twins next door, fish (Ivy), and ride/show-off on Diez (Alaina).  I sat on the couch.

This evening, Kathy B, Marsha C, and Rita G and I went to the 'Taste of Home' cooking show and drooled over recipes to try after our YaYa sista's at future rides.  mmmmmmm - cooking......  The weather is good this week until Friday and YaYas will ride at Rita's on Thursday but I will be working at the food bank in Tulsa.  Have fun girls!  yaya!

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