Sunday, April 18, 2010

Feako Pico

OK, TC was our first freaky horse, but he acted more like Cramer as he tried to lean away from everything new (or old in a new month) with his head high and his forelock looking like a bad hair day.  But Freako Pico has been continuing the legacy.  Pico is VERY sensitive to electric fencing - especially the white tape kind.  He wants to give all electric tape fencing a quarter-mile buffer zone.  So, our latest pasture configuration has electric overhead (it buzzes a little) from the barn to fence post and the barn opens away from the pasture and holds hay covered with a flapping tarp.  The last few months Pico lounges through the gate and whirls to face the offending tarp.  So, last week, I tried to give him a break and took him around the other side of the barn through the other tape gate.  I threw the tape away from the barn to lead him through but he jumped to my left side and stepped square on the tape in the mud and zapped his feet.  So now either side is a scary entrance - two times a day - every day......

Last night as Ivy and I went to get the horses up for the night, we got Splash and Sunny on lead-lines and left the gate WIDE open for Pico to follow us out and up to the barn.  We got Splash and Sunny settled and Pico was still pacing in front of the gate like it was closed.  He WOULD NOT come to the gate to get a halter on.  It was dark and raining.  So, in my crocs and socks, I stepped into the pasture to halter the duffus - up to my ankles into a mud pit.  YUCK!  FREAKO PICO!

The rain predicted for Fri/Sat came in Sat and settled in for the weekend.   The girls joined Laurie and me for the 11 o'clock and then Kathy joined us for lunch at Graham's. A news flash.  Splash was a slug.  After good warm-up, we worked on leg yields in and out of the circle and then went on to canter work.  Splash took the correct leads but that was it.  Every canter depart, Splash had outside bend and when I tried to correct the bend, we lost the canter.  We ended the lesson with an equitation pattern.  Transitions - BAD.  Frustrating.  And the show is next weekend.  And I will be in Kansas most of the week.  HELP!  The girls and Laurie had good rides.  And Lunch was lovely.  Kathy B didn't ride because Call was off - they will see the Vet next week.

The girls took Sunny and Pico to the 4-H Fun Practice Show on Sunday evening.  They worked on patterns and Trail (Alaina and Sunny) and jumping (Ivy and Pico).  It was nice to have the dry indoor arena to work with.  The 4-H District Horse show will be May 8 at the Claremore Expo and it will be here before we know it.

Meanwhile, I have missed the last 2 rides at Rita's and will miss out this week too.  But, next weekend, we will have the St. Jude Trail ride so that will have to count.  YaYa!

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