Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's NOT Raining

But the wind sure can blow in OK.

YaYa's gathered at Rita's on April Fool's Eve for the first ride of the year - we usually have our first ride on New Year's Day and then ride regularly, but.....  7 riders braved the gale and residual mud and had a fun ride, but even Splash was a little nervous.  Judy, Leila, Kathy, Nancy, Rita, Christiana, and I rode the trails then Tammy and Marsha joined in for esprit ride to socialize.

Friday riding plans were foiled by mega rain in the morning.  My freshly disked arena soaked up the water.....

Kathy/Call and I/Splash joined Patty for the party lesson on Sat. - Carol J joined in a bit at first on her beautiful appy filly (what a mover).  Splash was moving out a little better but was like riding a snake.  We worked on STRAIGHT at the walk and then trot and Splash tried his best to drop his shoulder and slop sideways either direction every 3 strides.  We progressed and things got a little better at the trot.  Kathy took Call out of the lesson before any canter work because she seems to have a sore shoulder.  Splash and I worked on canter departs (promptness) and Splash took leads correctly. Then we did simple changes and transitions from circle to straight-line and Splash worked fairly well.  The main excitement was when he stumbled in the corner by K and I lost both stirrups and my seat but somehow didn't fall off (always a plus).  We continued work after I calmed my heart rate.

Lunch at Graham's and then the girls had their lesson at 2.  Sunny and Alaina had a great lesson with good trot work and steady (if a little fast) canter work. Ivy and Pico looked lovely at both canter and trot - very consistent.  Ivy jumped Pico to end the lesson and managed several straight bars at the canter (eventually).  Progress.

Meanwhile, I groomed, saddled, and lounged Sister in preparation for another ride.  Sister was pretty excited and seemed to rev up as we lounged.  Pam and Jack were also lounging so maybe Sister was distracted.  We mounted uneventfully and moved off at the walk.  Canter is still not something I feel comfortable asking for, but Sister did a couple of canter steps when we leg yielded into a corner.  Overall, she felt choppier than last week although I was more confident with my aids - so it seemed to be a wash with 1 step forward - 1 step back.  But Backing was much better this week, so maybe we ended ahead? 

The wind was back on Sunday but the temp was perfect and the sun was shining.  Kale was home so we tried a little ride just for fun.  The arena footing was like working in cake - not wet exactly (except in spots) but heavy and soft from the disking.  Splash broke a sweat at the walk.  We finished with a trail ride out front and back.  It was fun to see Kale back in a saddle.

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