Sunday, March 7, 2010

Orban's to Urban's

The weather was lovely this weekend and we had several horsey adventures.  On Friday, Kathy B and I fought our way through construction traffic at every turn to get to Stillwater to retrieve Sister.  Sister has been hanging with Krystal and is making progress toward becoming a saddle horse.  After we arrived at the barn, Krystal ran Sister through her paces and then I tried a quick ride.  Krystal can canter and roll back and is even making progress in backing.  I just walked and trotted and, although the arena was rough, was pretty pleased.  Next stop for Sister is Patty's for some more work where I can ride regularly.  Unfortunately, Sister picked up a cough so we started her on some Tucaprine to clear that up before she goes to Inola.

Saturday, Ivy, Alaina and I took TC to south Owasso to try out the Urban ranch for TC and visa versa.  John and Charessa have 2 non-horsey boys and 3 girls.  The oldest girl is 9 - Lisle has a paint horse called Moe (Mow).  Hope (7?) loves TC and wants to ride-ride-ride.  The youngest, Ava, is 6 with downs syndrome and may enjoy TC in future.  You may remember that TC has a partial paralysis of the left larynx and can no longer do canter work or much trot (depending on allergies).  As of yesterday, TC and Mow were getting along great.  Ivy is heartbroken about TC living somewhere else but she knows that the Urban's will be good to him.  And she is planning many trips to the Urban ranch to visit.

Horse Haiku
Roan horse kind'a goosey
TC was Ivy's first love
Beautiful blaze face.

Laurie Hedlund presented Dressage 101 at the Horse of Course on Sunday afternoon.  Yummy snacks and very interesting review of rules (recent changes) for recognized shows.  Although I do not plan to show more than schooling shows, learning about the rules is helpful for a show volunteer.  Interesting tidbits:  the allowable whip length has been increased, all riders may wear safety helmets at all levels with out penalty, and if unintentionally dismounted during a test, you may continue to ride if you remount immediately and if your horse has not left the arena.

Inspired, I went home and worked Splash a little in our - finally dry - arena.  YaYa!

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  1. Hello from Iowa! I managed to set up a new account and actually posted on Hank's blog, so I'll try and post here. Cathy! What will Dezie do with out TC? It makes me sad - the end of an era. Still no horsey contacts up here, but I'm helping a friend move 2 donkeys to another friend's house this friday, so that's KIND of horsey. Can't wait to see how donkeys like to load in a trailer. Hmmmmm. Cindy YA-YA!