Sunday, March 21, 2010

How to Ride During the Late Winter Storm

Well, Oklahoma Weather is at it again.  The girls were off for spring break this past week and we had several horsey activities before winter returned. 

On Monday, I got off a bit early and we loaded Sister, Pico and Splash and went to Patty's.  I lounged Sister and she was so responsive that I ALMOST got the nerve to ride.  But Patty wasn't there to help if I needed it so, since... Retreat is the better part of valor, I saddled Splash and worked him instead.  Ivy rode Pico bareback (she had an ankle injury and didn't want to put on boots) and Alaina took a spin on Jetter.  Alaina loves Jetter since he reminds her of Dezzie-Doo.  We left Sister in Patty's capable hands.

Tuesday, Alaina and I visited Dream Maker to pick up Sunny and get another ride in.  It was a beautiful aftenoon and several other riders were enjoying the day and the DRY outdoor arena.  Splash and I worked a bit and Alaina got a brief lesson from Dawn D before we headed home.  Shannean F was working her baby Dakota and Sandy T was looking fabulous on Sissy.

Ruthie wanted a chance to ride Pico before the Lily Pond show so she and Jean came out Friday morning.  I worked Splash and walked around on Pico, Alaina rode Sunny and Diez, Ivy worked Pico and had a quick ride on Splash, and Ruthie rode Pico and played around on Diez.  Very fun. 

Then the Lily Pond dressage and FFA shows were cancelled.

THEN, while we were working the Ranch Rodeo Consessions Friday evening, the weather turned.  Rain pounded all night and turned to snow on Saterday morning.  We tried to change the plans from Sat. party lesson into a lunch date, but the snow came down so hard, the roads deteriorated mid-day.  I had an adventure after a run to Walmart, when on my way home, I watched a little SUV go into the ditch near the RR tracks on King Rd.  Cars aread of me couldn't make the hill and backed out, more cars turned around in the church parking lot but I wasn't sure going the long way would help me out (the walk home would be a lot longer if needed).  Then, just when I thought I would give the hill a try, a big truck with mega tires, came over the hill and immediately hit the ditch.  I guess he was trying to get out of the ditch, but he plowed along flinging mud and snow util he almost hit the SUV.  Once he stopped, I tried the hill.  Didn't make it the first time but stayed out of the ditch.  It took me 3 more tries to get up the hill and then I crept home.  Very dumb to go out, but who knew.  The roads were so warm that the slush that caused me so much trouble was gone in a couple of hours.  Kale was visiting and got snowed in with his boring family (last time he visited at Xmas, he got snowed in too). 

But it is STILL snowing and blowing hard.  Maybe a Honda is not a 4-wheel drive vehicle?

So, here is what we all need to maintain our own riding fitness.  The Riding Simulator  This won't help our horses learn anything new but would look good in our living room.  YaYa

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