Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Friends

TC reports that life is cushy at the Urban spread - way more grass in the pasture than at our place and Moe is nice too.  Ivy pestered me all week to visit TC - we finally made a trip Sunday afternoon and managed to time our visit for the 2 hour break in the Urban's Sunday plans of church and soccer.  Ivy and I arrived just as Lisele was ready to ride Moe so we saddled TC and the girls did a turn or two around the pond.  Lisele's cousin from San Antonio took a little lead line ride as well.  TC got his West Nile vacine while we were there too.  The only problem was when the cow pushed Ava's stroller over and narrowly missed stepping on the baby.  BAD COW!

After traveling to Kansas again last week for the dreaded EPA inspection, I made it home Thursday evening with a very sore throat.  So bad that I visited the doc on Friday and he diagnosed strep and a possible absess.  Antibiotics to the rescue but I was still under the weather for the party lesson and let Ivy and Kathy B ride without me.  Alaina rode Diez bareback and I took a brief spin on Splash near the end of the lesson.  Ivy and Pico look VERY good 25 percent of the time.  They are making progress.  Splash behaved pretty well and took correct leads both directions - and since we only rode about 10 minutes, he didn't get much of a chance to misbehave.

Alaina had a lesson on Sunny with Dawn D on Friday afternoon and they are really looking good too.  I plan to pick Sunny up from Dawn's on Tuesday afternoon so Alaina will have to maintain Sunny's progress at the Wild O Ranch.  After a week and antibiotics, Sister is better so I will take her to Patty's tomorrow afternoon for a little of Patty's magic medicine.   The girls are on Spring Break so should have a little time to work their horses while they are off.  We plan on the party lesson at Patty's on Sat. to get ready for the Lily Pond dressage show on Sunday.  Luckily, we sprang forward this weekend, so afternoon riding season is coming soon.  Yaya!

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  1. Sorry you're illin'! Feeling so bad you don't ride means it's serious! Snow has pretty much melted up here, rivers are flooding, more snow on Saturday. Kiss girls and horses for me.