Sunday, February 14, 2010


Valentine's Day is cold and was even white first thing this morning. I took Diez out of her stall for a hand-walk around the spread and realized just how cold it was with the wind blowing. We both got to stretch our legs and then went to huddle in the house/stall.  No riding for me this weekend but Alaina got to ride Sunny with Dawn D on Sat. morning.  Dawn has been working with Sunny for a few weeks and Alaina is learning how to ask for level topline and to try to slow his speed.  Both are making progress.  Kristina F and her entire family spent their Sat. providing a fund raiser clinic for the 4-H horse club.  Julie H with Abby and Alaina and I helped all day at Kristina's clinic, the WOR and Sherry's barn, ending at the Rocking C at 5:30 pm.  So, Abby and Alaina got a quick ride on Ritzie and Pico before we headed back to Claremore. I spent last week in Houston and will be in Kansas Monday and Tuesday but plan to be back in time for ride night Tuesday night.  Since Sunny is at Dawn's and Pico at Patty's, the girls will have to ride Diez and Splash.  I might take TC just to get him out.  Next weekend, we will ride the party lesson, so get it on your calendar.  YaYa.

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