Saturday, February 6, 2010

Horse Communication Contest

Snow in the forcast for next week - AGAIN.  Bleek.   I have to go to Houston for most of the week but it still sounds like a rotten forcast.  I did manage a ride with Splash and Donna got to work Pico a little on Friday afternoon.  It wasn't pretty.  Pico was particularly rotton.  But I did get a horsey fix to try to help me make it though the week.
Splash had to tolerate the german neck stretcher but we worked for long and low which was a lot easier than on-the-bit.  Consistancy is lacking but since the weather and all that other stuff for the last couple of months has limited our work - it could be worse. Hopefully we will have a chance to make some preparations for the Will Rogers Classic at the end of Feb.
Meanwhile, no party lesson today since the girls had the 4-H State Horse Communication Constest in Stillwater - 3 quizbowl teams and 4 team problem solving teams - a total of 12 kids.  We headed west at 6:30 am and got back around 9:30 pm.  No one ever said 4-H contests of any kind were brief.  The kids gave speechs or illustrated presentations and presented their team problem solving skills in the morning.  Then, quizbowl in the afternoon.  In quiz bowl, the 2 competing teams came in 2nd and 3rd after a semi final round against each other.  Very dramatic.  Our non-competative team had a practice game with an Adair County team.  The kids worked hard and had a good time too.  Then, we got a brief visit with my favorite son before heading back to the ranch.  So, here is hoping for better riding weather ahead.  YaYa....

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