Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ground Hogs and Horses

Ok, I didn't see any ground hogs today but it was very foggy early this morning so ground hogs and prairie dogs wouldn't have seen any shadows.  So, spring should be springing any time now.  Cross all your fingers and toes that the winter weather is out of here for the season.  Splash is going with the theory that he is a pasture pet - he is in serious training for that life-style. 

Patty C, Nancy E, Donna O, Paula W, and I did manage a "ground hog lunch" at McNellie's today which will have to do for my horsie-fix for now.  We will try to plan more in advance next time.
The first winter storm of 2010 came in Thursday, Jan. 28 and coated the Wild Orban Ranch in 1/2 inch of ice and then added 7 or 8 inches of snow on top of that on Friday.  Saturday was bright and cold and the girls harnessed up their trusty sled dog and had more fun than is good for them. Each trip outdoors required hot chocolate as soon as they came back inside - by the end of the day, no mugs were spared and marshmallos were GONE.

Since the sun was out and the wind was gone, I got Diez out of the round pen and took a stroll around the WOR.  Great ride but the dismount was not graceful - I landed in a snowdrift but it was not my fault.  Diez has very slippery hair.  The girls saw the whole thing and laughed their heads off.  Then on Sunday, Sherry and her gang took us sledding at the memorial - very fun.

As for Splash's dressage training.  No chance for this weekend since the girls have a 4-H horse communication constest in Stillwater and the following weekend we have the vacination clinic.  So.... who knows when I will make another party lesson.  Meanwhile, I will plot for more lunches with my sista's.  YAYA!

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