Sunday, December 20, 2009

Warm Riding Boots

Finally! Back in the Saddle this weekend. Splash and I picked up Sherry and Joker and headed to Inola for the party lesson on Sat. morning. It was 35 degrees when we left the house. I was wearing my fabulous Ariat Winter Riding Boots (my best present from Steve last Xmas), polar fleece pants, ear warmer band, and winter riding gloves. Nice and toasty.

So warm that I had to trade my gloves with Patty to avoid overheating. And that was just while we were warming up. We started off with some basic trot work and Splash was offended at the very thought of actual work. I was wearing SPURS because I anticipated this sort of attitude. Call wasn't thrilled with the end of her 2 month vacation either even if she wasn't the cause of Kathy's broken leg - but she adjusted her attitude on the lounge line. Lakota was a good boy, just a bit stiff. Joker was just a good boy.

After warm up, we worked on flex right/left and shoulder fore at the walk; after several Turns On the Forehand (both ways) and a couple of "one-step into TOF" and some work at haunches in - we struggled with attempts at half-pass. Splash did a decent job at all these exercises if you don't count the ususal problem of NO FORWARD. He even managed a couple of sluggish half-pass steps to the right but needed Patty along side with a whip to get any half-pass left. We ended the lesson with canter work and Splash took both leads correctly and, although he tried, no break of gait through canter circles and canter along the rail. A good note to end a lesson on.

Sunday turned out SUNNY! Sherry brought Westin over and the kids played on the ponies in the sunshine and it was almost to warm for jackets. After a bit of riding, the kids climbed in the hay, chased chickens, played with the dog, hit golf balls, and played a little base ball.
Plus! I have a new grand Nephew named Ethan Joseph Samulski born December 19, 2009 7:37am, 7lbs 15oz 20.5" - woo hoo!

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