Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Julie's Poem on a Cold and Blustery Winter Day

On Comet,
On Jeurgen,
On Winston,

On Wiz,

Off to Rita's trail rides with the Ya-Ya's that is,
The laughter it floats through the cool Fall air,
As they once again ride to lose the day's care,
Over hills, through creeks, and around trees they weave,
A trail untraveled they never do leave,
After unsaddling they gather together,
To pause and refresh, and enjoy the weather,
They talk of the ride, of old friends and new,
'Til daylight is gone and the stars peek through,
Good nights and drive safes are heard as they part,
Each Ya-ya will treasure the moments in her heart.

Good poem Julie - untill we ride again it reminds us of fun times.

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