Monday, April 20, 2009

What Day is IT?

So, I called Cindy tonight to tell her happy birthday after going to Kansas for 2 consecutive weeks - That's my story since I was a DAY LATE AND CINDY'S BIRTHDAY WAS YESTERDAY. I am also a day late posting to the blog. Happy Late Birthday Cindy! We sure wish you were here to partake of the Equine Theraputic Party Lesson.

Anyway, about the weekend's horsey activities. The girls and and I took Pico, Sunny and Splash to Patty's for a long overdue lesson day on Sat. followed by a late birthday lunch with Patty and the gang (thanks for the pictures Carol). Splash and I worked hard in our lesson - me without spurs but with a whip. We had some decent walk/trot transitions and OK canter to the left. As usual, the right lead canter was rough and we certainly have a lot of work to do there. We are signed up to ride Intro B and Training 2 at the show at Patty's next weekend. The girls had a good lesson on Sunny and Pico but will be riding TC and Diez at the show. So, we have some work to do this week.

Then on Sunday, Ivy and Alaina went to Marsha's place to meet Socks the newest Cullen family member. Star is a really good mama but very tolerent of us human friends. The girls took a gazzillian pictures so they could enter some in the state 4-H Horse Show Photo Contest. Socks has zebra markings, a dun stripe and dark tipped ears as well as a beautiful face. Very fun!

Ruthie and Shannean will be over on Wed. evening to work the Pico-boy and the girls and I will work our horses too. Fun to look forward to the show next weekend! Yaya!

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