Sunday, April 26, 2009

April Show at the Rocking C

The wind was a constant pest on Saturday but we were happy to have no rain to spoil the show at Patty's in Inola. Roberta Clark was the judge on Saturday at the Rocking C Stables ODS/GCC schooling show. Splash and I rode in our second show of the season, Intro B and Training 2. We scored an 8 for our final halt, Splash was more than happy to make his favorite transition into STOP and he was straight. We received 7s on both rein changes across the diagonal and Splash was moving out fairly well.

Roberta says that when we get more consistent in our connection, our scores will improve but I was very happy with a 65.5. Training 2 was much better than our first show’s go because Splash was much less resistant and picked up both canters when asked and even took his bad lead to the right correctly, if unbalanced. Our only 7s came at the walk/trot transition at C (woo hoo) and in the left circle at B. Roberta says we need more NRG…. And canter departs need uphill jump. More work required.

Alaina and Diez had very nice rides placing 4th and 2nd, their best rides by far since she used her corners, kept Diez moving and only dropped gait once for a bio-break for Diez. They scored 56 in Intro B, and received 7s on both halts at X; Roberta says that they need much more NRG in the free walk and to develop more connection. In Training 2, A & D got 7s in both halts as well as the right lead canter and canter/trot between B and F for a score of 53.929. Roberta recommends more elastic contact and rounder circles.

Ivy placed 3rd and 1st in her tests and received a 61.5 in Intro B after jumping on TC two minutes before her ride time because she was busy playing with a dog rather than warming up her horse. So, Marilyn, Jean, Jill, Patty, Carol, and every one else who helped find, dress and get Ivy into the ring on time can claim a favor from her at the next show – thanks guys. Ivy and TC received 7s in both halts and both rein changes and the trot/walk transition but needs NRG in the free walk. For Training 2, I & TC scored 7s for the final halt and the walk/trot transition. TC bucked into the first canter depart, his bad lead, but Ivy rode through it and continued her test and scored 55.714. Of course, TC needs more NRG.

Shannean and Ruthie had good rides on Pico. Both girls are really learning to push Pico into the bridle for better connection and Pico was much better about spooking this show. I will have to get more information about their specific scores and Roberta’s comments, but I think they both scored 60 in their Training 4 test. Jessie did a great job on Denali too.

And naturally, I missed most everyone else’s rides, Kathy and Call, Marsha and Lilly, Liz and Latte, Hilda and June, Christiana and Ardie as well as all those fun junior riders. I saw bits of a few rides and they were looking good. Kathy had to leave early to take Call to the vet because Call was having an allergic reaction to something and her lips and face were swelling badly. She is still a little swollen but is recovering. Also, I got my first tick bite of the season, just behind ear in a difficult (but at least not embarrassing) place to remove.

So, the show was a success and the season is young. Best of all, we get to ride at Rita’s for our first yaya ride of the year this week on Thursday evening, weather depending.. of course.

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  1. yes i was very proud of the pico man! he did really well. he really only spooked oncem then refused to go into that corner. but i can deal with that instead of a broken hand. lol.