Monday, April 20, 2009

Colleen Kelly Biomechanics Clinic April 11

Marsha arranged an educational clinic with Colleen Kelly for the weekend of April 10-12. Saturday, April 11, proved to be a perfect day for the clinic at Rocking C Stables - amazingly beautiful weather, good company, good clinic. Colleen was an energetic and fun speaker who reminded us of things we know and tend to forget. In this photo, Marsha and LB make a great picture, don't they?

Cathy laughs at one of Colleen's insights.

Splash thought it was funny as well, didn't he?

Kendall and Shade demonstrated a moving dismount as part of the clinic. The demo was informative and fun. If I keep telling myself I don't envy her those long legs, do you think I'll convince me??
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