Friday, August 15, 2008

Yippe for Ya yA!

Wow, finally made it to the ya ya blog. Thanks for inviting me. (For those of you that don't recognize my Ya Ya name, I am Donna Orban, distant relative of Cathy, ha!) I have no equine pics to post since I haven't ridden in months and months!! Will try to change that soon. I do have pics of my 16 year old son Paul before his first solo flight in his newly aquired car. (I say newly aquired in case you might think it is a new car...he wishes). This blooging stuff is way fun though. How nice to catch up with all the horsey activity at the Wild Orban Ranch as well as Rita's devine equine pastures. I can't wait for Fall and wonderful riding wheather, as I am a fair weathered rider for the most part (oh, okay, it pretty much has to be perfect!). I admit, I am not equine obcessed. I am very fond of riding with great friends on a perfectly cool, dry, no wind blowing, evening with Rita's famous bucket margaritas and yummy food to follow. Can't wait to see everyone as soon as that perfect weather gets here....

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  1. Yeah! Thanks long lost friend. I can hardly wait to see you in a photo post next week after riding with Cindy at the party lesson at Patty's on Sat. Tomorrow is the long awaited dressage show at Patty's and I will try to take pix. xxxooo c