Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lucky Splash!

Pictures of Denise on Jurgen, Ivy on TC and Alaina on Diez at the Rocking C dressage Show yesterday. Thanks Patty for putting on a really fun show and ordering very cool Aug. weather.

School started last week with the usual frenzy but I did manage to ride Splash on Wed night in Rita's arena. We had slight improvement with the steering and no bucks or snottiness with canter transitions although they were not prompt. But with the show a Patty's on Sat., Splash wasn't worked again after Wed. night. Pico, who has been on Summer Vacation, was OK at the show. The letter C (which should stand for Cookie) was terrifying during T4 and he dropped out of the canter from both directions. IDIOT. But, the second test was better from the spook standpoint, we just need to get "any" stretch in the chewy circle (at C) and get side pass without loosing the hind end. Overall, Pico was better than I could have hoped since Splash has been getting all the attention this summer - Elizabeth did a better job than I did in T4. Next week, party lesson at Patty's on Sat..... Splash is back on the agenda. ya-YA.

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