Monday, June 25, 2012

Truck Tire Trauma

You know what they say ..... if it's got tires or .....  they're gonna be trouble.

Last weekend's horse fun was foiled by a bad tire.  Now, when did we buy that used truck?  How old were the tires then?  HMMMM - no one knows.

So we headed to Inola on Friday evening for drill team practice with Sunny (Alaina was excited for his first time) and Pico.  Splash was along too so that Mallory and I could play with our ponies while the girls drilled.  All systems were go untill we turned south on 88.  Then the truck started bucking and I pulled over, felt tires for heat, looked for smoke, popped the hood to check belts... Looked ok, so continued south.  Repeat.  Got to the curve at the church and turned around for home because retreat is the better part of valor.  We were clearly having some sort of trouble and I didn't want to be coming home at night on 88 with kids and horses and really break down.  Ran into Steve coming out of the driveway and caused a small incident with the fence.  But we were home safe and sound so we transferred stuff to the car and raced back to Inola to do a bit of drill on borrowed horses.  Alaina was back on Ahab and Ivy tried Lady.  Short and Sweet but Patty and crew were gearing up for the Schooling Show at ATRC on Sat.

So, no party lesson either.  We did do lunch at Goldies with Mallory and Roxy so got to spend some time with our horsey friends.  We took the truck to the shop Saterday morning for evaluation by the experts - verdict?  Bad tire.  Now my truck has four new ones.    The temperature was in triple digits over the weekend and was forcast to stay up all week - so no YaYa ride either.  Bummer.  But good drying weather for HAY.  Perhaps by the weekend.

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