Sunday, June 3, 2012


June 1!  I guess summer is really here.  Ivy and Alaina took Splash, Sunny and Diez to Choteau Elementary in West Tulsa to share our horses with my first grade Junior Achievement class.  The girls told the kids about Arabians, Quarter Horses, and Appaloosas as well as English and western tack.  Then, the kids each got to pat a pony and have their picture taken.  The girls got horse handling help from some other eighth-grade kids who were volunteering in the classrooms.

Next, we stopped at DiAmico Performance Horses for a lesson with Dawn and to leave Sunny in Dawn's capable hands for a State Trail Tune-up.  Sunny got a chiropractic adjustment last week and has been moving strangely at the left lead canter ever since.  So, Alaina got a lesson and Dawn had Alaina do some counter canter exercises to work on the left lead canter issue.  Perhaps Sunny was out of alignment long enough to cause a real issue after adjustment or who knows?  If it continues, Dawn will consult with Dr. Matt for more advice.  Cross fingers and toes since State is in less than 2 weeks.  Has anyone else had adjustment cause a problem?  While Alaina was riding, Ivy was drawing rider and mount.  BTW - Dawn has to coolest chair in her barn.  I want want one too.

Friday night, Ivy and Alaina joined the Rocking C Drill Team for the first summer practice.  Ivy rode Pico but Alaina had to use Splash since Sunny is at Dawn's.  Splash gave Alaina a rough time, but she worked him through it.  But, she does NOT want to ride Splash EVER again.  Who will she ride in the Saturday Party Lesson?  That would be Jetter.  The girls concentrated on equitation.  Mallory and Roxy are in Texas but Nancy and Kathy joined Splash and me for the 11 O'Clock. Then, off to Graham's for Cythia's Birthday lunch.  German Chocolate.  YummO.
Meanwhile, Alaina is plotting to ride Ahab for drill until Sunny is back at the Wild O Ranch - Cynthia says she can ride him anytime.  Can you believe she would dis my Splash-man?  We finished off our horsey fun for the weekend by gathering at Olive Garden for dinner followed by a movie - Cowgirls and Angels.  We laughed, we cried....  It was cute and featured stunt riding by a former ODSmember, Barbara Ganzel's, grandkids Haley and Holt Ganzel.  We missed some of our YaYa sisters at the movie because of other summer activities - but we will plan a ride next chance we get.  YaYa!

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