Monday, December 19, 2011

YaYa Dirty Santa

We talked, ate, played dirty Santa until our checks hurt from laughing - a fitting year-end party for the YaYa Sisters Riding Club - hosted by Kathy B in her beautiful home on Sunday evening.

We missed a few members last night but (l-r) in our 2011 group shot are Paula, Cathy, Kathy, Rita, Juli, Judy, Janet, Krystal, Sherry, Joan, Christiana, Tammy, Lila, Donna, Patty, Nancy, and Marsha.

Tammy didn't give up until she located the DS.

And, our group sure can COOK.  And EAT.

Weather permitting, we will ride the range at the Walkerosa Ranch on New Year's Day, so mark your calendars.  Just the beginning of many wonderful rides coming in 2012.

Meanwhile - The holidays are in full swing at the Wild Orban Ranch.  The Orban Twins turned 13 on Saturday and had several friends over to ride, watch a movie and eat cake.  But also wanted to have the Saturday Party Lesson (worked out for Mallory and Me with our new Friend Mary since we got a lesson too) and we managed LAL as well.

Now that the birthdays are past, we even cut down a cedar tree in the pasture to use as our Xmas tree this year.  And help clear a couple of Eastern Red Cedars (scurge of OK) from the Wild O Ranch (Ivy needed to cut a little practice tree first).  I guess I better start shopping NOW.

Is it time to panic? 

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