Thursday, December 15, 2011

I am not in Kansas Anymore

But I just got back from my last trip of the year.  Just in time for Steve's birthday tomorrow and then the girls' birthday on Saturday.  Then I can start the Christmas preparations.

Last weekend was packed with horsey events but no actual riding.  The rescheduled parade started the weekend early on Thursday evening and the Horse club accompanied Peanut the wonder pony in his 2nd annual outing.  Again he is The Cutest Pony EVER.

The 4-H Horse Club banquet was Saturday so I met other board members Friday to set up and have a lovely lunch with the 4-H ladies.  Then, we had a great visit from Jetta (Steve's sis) and David Friday night. 

SaturDAY we spent at the banquet - food, awards, elections, wooden nickle auction, and fun.  Ivy is the new Historian and Alaina was re-elected as VP (she took over VP mid-year when the post needed a mid-year replacement).

Saturday night was spent in Owasso at the ODS/GCC Party where we played DIRTY SANTA and found out our year-end standings.  Ivy and Pico were most improved as well as 14 and under First Level champs winning a cool chair and lovely leather halter.  Alaina/Sister and me/Splash recieved 5th place standings and very nice show pads.  Then - HUGE surprise - Splash and I won reserve VINTAGE Intro Level and a cool bag (thanks for my very considerate friends who were not quite old enough).  Kathy B does a great job choosing awards!

Just when you think no more fun could happen in one weekend, I joined my WY Hot Flash friends at Tami's to have a Dirty Sock Santa, along with Michael Jackson Wi as well as a bit of wine and yummy food.  I think photos should have been forbidden during the MJ Wi exhibition....

It looks like the weather will be fine for riding in the Sat. Party Lesson as well as for the girls to play around in the yard with their friends in the afternoon.  Next week, cold is expected.  Maybe I can squeeze a ride in tomorrow in between the big party preparations. 

Finally, and best of all, the annual YaYa Dirty Santa - Fun - Food - Christmas gathering is Sunday afternoon.  I can't wait.

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