Friday, October 7, 2011

Rocking C Show Report

October 1st is Kathy B's birthday and was also the latest dressage schooling show at the Rocking C in Inola.  It was a beautiful, mild day and the judge was Kay K.  Kay is not known for generous scores. 

Splash and I were scheduled for Intro C at 10:24 and we received our best score yet from Kay - a 59.00.  But then we had hours to wait for our next classes - T-1 and T-2 at 1:55 and 2:23.

T-1 had a few problems starting with my first left at C - I turned right..... minus 2.  Our first canter was "inaccurate" B to E and our stretchy circle wasn't stretchy.  But we did get a 7 on one trot circle - final score of 50.416.  T-2 was better with a 56.785.  Our stretchy circle still needed stretch but had good tempo and bend.  We need to work on halt w/o resistance and for more harmony with canter.

Alaina and Sister scored 52.5 and 53.0 for Intro B and Intro C.  Sister needs to gain consistency in the bridle and better bend but they are making progress and even won high point for juniors 12 and under.  Alaina got to ride Astari around bareback which made her day.

Ivy and Pico started with Prix Caprilli Wk/Trot 60.5 and PC Wk/Trot/Canter 56.956 - they need to maintain bend through corners to improve balance.  T-3 was 55.6 which included an 8 for the first halt but stretchy circle was labored and not stretchy.  F-1 also had a great first halt but Pico lost bends in the 10 meter half circles and didn't get stretch in the stretchy circle. 

Mallory and Roxy didn't get to ride but did come to hang out and it was fun to see Julie and her mounts ride Western Dressage.

After the show, we shared German chocolate cake from Graham's in honor of Kathy's birthday.  YUM.

The girls got to ride on Sunday at the 4-H clinic.  After pizza for all, they worked Showmanship with Mandy, barrels with Emily, and Ivy gave a little talk on Dressage.  The planned work on horsemanship levels was saved for the next clinic.

And, I got to ride with my yaya sista's on Wed. evening AND, the party lesson is on for tomorrow!

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