Monday, October 10, 2011


We still needed rain but the weather over the weekend was beautiful and mild.  FINALLY, after weeks of shows (4-H and dressage), we got to have our Sat. Party Lesson - followed by LAL of course.

Kathy B and Mallory S were not able to make it but Nancy E and I rode our mounts in a much needed lesson after Ivy and Alaina worked English - Sunny even JUMPED.  The girls will go to the GCC Dressage Camp next weekend so they were getting ready.

Splash and I worked on canter transitions (our worst scores from Kay last weekend).  For some reason my left hand drifts down toward my thigh when cantering right lead.  So, working to steady my left hand, I concentrated on providing inside leg and hand to support Splash (and keep him from cutting in!).  Took three tries, and we made progress.  Left lead was not as difficult but the same issues are there.  Then, we worked leg yields and finally, canter transitions w/out the Mongolian War Horse Look.  Splash really thinks that he MUST throw his head up in the canter transition so we have more work to do there.  Then, with the "short cut" to La Mansion in Catoosa -  haha  - we lunched at leisure.  YUM.

The final hay hauling foray was set for the weekend so we raced out Sat. evening to prevent real rain from hitting Claremore.  Yippee, the barn is full.  Here's hoping for rain between now and next year's hay season. 

Sunday morning was sunny so the girls and I went over to Che' Cheval to work Sister a bit before the "rain" came in.  Ivy took Sister into the round pen and worked some Clinton Anderson exercises and Sister was very responsive.  Then, saddled and up in the big arena, Alaina (with Christian's guidance) worked on body control at walk-trot-canter.  Right lead was pretty good with minimal tail swish expressions.  Left lead not quite so good.  After initial resistance to bend and canter depart, got wrong lead once and then a big buck.  Alaina backed Sister across the arena and then asked for canter again.   Good Job Girlie!  The pair cantered circles and straight lines and practiced a couple more departs and finished on a good note. 

PS - looking forward to a YaYa ride Wed. evening - unless rain happens - either option is a good one.

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