Sunday, April 17, 2011

Show Girls

After Sunny's injury in January and Pico's sudden illness in February, the girls didn't get a chance to ride their regular mounts in the Will Rogers Classic.  But, at last, Pico and Sunny were good for the show today.

Pico was a little Freako - I know, its a big surprise - the wind was causing strange noises from the metal roof at the Expo.  But Sunny was pretty good for a horse that has been out of training.  Ivy showed Sister in Halter and Showmanship too.

The girls had a great time with their friends and I enjoyed seeing some of my favorite show mom's.

But I didn't get much of a chance to ride so Splash and Sister have been missing my riding.  And, since I am off to Kansas on Tuesday morning, I guess it will be next weekend before I'm back in the saddle.

Sure hope the YaYa's ride this week even if I am in Kansas.

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