Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wing (Winter-Spring) or Sprinter..... Hmmmm

The forcast was Bleek - RAIN, followed by rain, followed by SNOW, and freezing fog for the weekend. Snow was supposed to come in late Friday and wind down by noon Sat. It poured cats, dogs, and chickens all night. It started snowing in Claremore at about 10 am on Sat. So, no riding in the yard or Wild Orban arena. The girls went out Sat. and built a snowman and I went out and took pictures of flowers in the snow.

Kathy and Patty were signed up to do the Pilates clinic for riders all weekend and from all accounts, learned alot and braved very cold and damp temps on Sat.

Then on Sunday, the sun came out and melted all the snow. So, muck was everywhere. I had plans to make moltashen (sausage/spinach dumplings in chicken soup) and was resigned to a weekend without riding when Marsha called around 3:00pm. She was headed to Patty's to ride in the dry arena with Larry's blessing. So, inspired, I rounded up the girls and loaded Pico, Sunny and Splash and headed to Inola. The horses were coated with mud and were shedding but we saddled up anyway.

The girls lunged their horses and then we all had good rides. Both Ivy and Alaina went western and Splash got to work in the dreaded German Neck Stretcher. Marsha was checking LB as a possible ride for next weekend's dressage show. He was pretty good, but Marsha decided they are not quite ready for prime time. So, Splash got lucky since work was pretty light, but he was mostly forward in the trot and took right lead canter the 2nd time I asked. We cantered circle/straight line transitions both ways and quit on good notes.

Wonderful to get unexpected horse time. YaYa.

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