Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break!

The girls and boy were off this past week for Spring Break. Kale and his buds went camping in the Wichita Mts. and had a big fire adventure early in the week but the girls and I went to Skull Hollow trail at Oolagah for a picnic and nature hike on Tuesday. It was in the eighties and a beautiful day in the sun with our friends the Hays'es - Julie, Abby, Lara, Annabelle, and Joe. Amazing to discover that we can have fun without our horses...haha.

Thursday night we had a 4-H ride night at the Claremore Expo and both Ivy and Alaina had a great time with Pico and Sunny practicing barrels with Emily and riding with their other friends. Splash went along for the ride and hollered from the trailer to his friends in the arena.

Then on Friday morning Angela, Sam, Ash and Liz stopped by for a visit. Liz wanted to ride so TC and Diez did the honors and I think made a new conquest for horse crazy girls everywhere. Ash was not to impressed but he is only 3 months old so I am not giving up yet.

Then, off to Rita's for a lesson with Pico and Sunny for the girls. Splash and I went along to play and he was very good since he was tring to get back into my good graces after last weekends's toady behavior. Rita's friend Julie was visiting with her TW horse named Music - did you know that Rita can ride a gray horse? Julie and Rita worked with the girls and both pairs made good progress with arm posisiton and transitions.

Then on Sat. Kathy B and Call and Splash and I had a great lesson. Splash was still on good behavior and we had very nice trot work with alot more give to the bit. Call and Kathy had good progress to since they are still getting used to each other and were looking great. After a yummy lunch at the Depot with the gang and icecream from Graham's for the girls thanks to Paula, Ivy and Alaina had a really good lesson on their horses working on canter transitions and equitation patterns. They will be really clicking with their horses by summer.

Finally, Sunday afternoon, YaYa riders and friends rode the Bonderosa Ranch (D & S Cattle Ranch) in Inola across golden pastures and through the woods. Fifteen riders in all including 2 guys! Sheila's sweet spouse (David) lead the riders along the trails across mostly dry creek beds for a very lovely ride. After settling the horses with some hay, we headed indoors to have snacks and social time. What a fabulous day. We also had one of my sister in laws along on Sunny and although very green, Steph did a great job for her first real trail ride ever. I think it was the purple gloves and helmet......

And, another new YaYa named Julie joined us for the ride - Julie is in town on her way to a Mexaco to Canada ride this summer - check out this link to find out the details. Very cool.

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  1. Thanks C for inviting me to be part of your YaYa postings! Love the stories and the photos! Anna C.