Monday, August 29, 2011

Double Dog Days

Roxy on Trouper and Ivy with Pico hung out in the shade while Alaina worked Sunny over crossbars.  Then, both girls worked straight bars too.
We got to party with Patty and the Gang on Sat - with lunch at Gaham's afterwards.  Patty has a new, tiny kitten named Boots - Alaina, Ivy and Roxy have started a cat training program.  Splash was very good in the lesson and we cantered very briefly - worked canter serpentine to the quarterline with no break of gait - Kathy and Call managed canter serpentine to X beautifully.  Mallory and Raffles did some beautiful canter work while Susan/Webster and Nancy/Doc did a little western in preparation for the Western Dressage Classes in the coming show.  The show will be at Patty's in Inola.  Ivy and Roxy will do Pri Caprilli while Alaina will consider canter in Intro C.  Splash and I will try Training 3 so cross all fingers and toes. 

We  took Sister over to Che' Cheval on Sunday to trade-out TC.  TC is now at the Wild O Ranch and Sister is back where she can be WORKED with Christian's oversite.  Ivy has been working on her useing the Clinton Anderson method of ground work - sending and yeilding the hind quarters.  She is pretty smart and making progress on that score.
Alaina followed the ground work in the saddle as preparation for the GCC/ODS show next weekend.  Walk and trot work was OK but canter left a lot to be desired.  So, we need to get  the Che Cheval Method!  and, a YaYa ride int the near future!

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  1. The plain horse facts are that you girls are TOPS on your horse training. Excellent! You go, girls.
    I love your horse pictures. What beautiful mounts you have.
    Marsha Hubler, author of the Keystone Stables Books