Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas is Coming

My first present?  Cantering on Sister in the BIG arena on the Hill at Che' Cheval.  The sun was out and cold weather predicted for the weekend so I escaped work a little early to get a ride on Sister Friday afternoon.  My knee was feeling recovered so we headed up the hill to the wide open spaces in the arena.  I told C that I didn't plan to canter and he told me Sister would be ready when I was.

We started our session with lounge line work and a little ground tie time.  Then, mounted, we did trot circles and straight lines staying off the rail.  Sister gave me good bend both directions and was fairly willing in transitions.  So, as we come clockwise around the west end, I decided to ask for canter before I thought to much and scared myself out of it.  The transition took most of the way down the long side but finally, CANTER without kick-out.  We cantered all the way around and then dropped to a trot.  Posting trot, transitioned to sitting trot - zig-zagging until Sister seemed calm and steady.  Before the next try, C reminded me to move haunches-in just before asking for canter - Sister picked it up within 2 or 3 strides - no kick-up either.  We went about half way around and then transitioned to trot.  Yeah!  The light was almost gone, so with a little more sitting trot and stop/back, we walked down the hill and dismounted near the barn. Sister is really making progress and canter in the BIG ARENA is a big step for me.  Still haven't cantered left lead canter - but.....

Saturday morning dawned windy and warmish (40's) but the temp dropped into the 30's by 9am.  Kathy B and I had a lesson at 10.  Since we were in the covered arena, the wind wasn't a problem and both horses were sweaty by the end of the lesson.  Call is really looking good these days and Kathy had some lovely trots and nice canter departs.  Splash was pretty good without the German Neck Stretcher (managed some moments of work on the bit).  Patty noticed that Splash needed to slow down several times - mark the date since usually Splash is way to slow.  After work on walk/trot transitions, we worked canter both ways changing rein through X for simple changes.  Kathy and Call had great transitions, Splah and me? not so much.  But we did get correct lead every time, just had sluggish/early (dropped gait) changes.  We moved on to cavaletti and then to shoulder in at the walk and then trot.  Kathy and Call tried to show us how its done, but Splash really has a hard time - particularly going to the right.  We finished with leg yields right and then left.  I think the lateral work was to hard on Splash's right hind, so we quit.  Splash was done - hope we didn't over do it.

The 4-H horse club is planning a GPS Horse Trail mapping project at Heyburn Lake in January, so we had a training session Saturday afternoon (including a practice walk at the RSU reserve).  Then, the Horse Club participated in the Claremore Christmas Parade.  The kids dressed in Santa Hats and LED lights and walked with Peanut the pony dressed as Rudolf - Very CUTE!  The kids took turns riding in the cart and they all had a great time.

Seems like I have been sneaking off to ride every spare moment the last couple of months so today we did some baking and went to Lowe's for a Christmas Tree.  No riding or horse related activity.  Hmmm, I was really enjoying horse - horse - horse all the time.

We are clearly overdue for a YaYa ride but I am looking forward to next weekend's YaYa Christmas Party.

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