Sunday, January 24, 2010


Sunny has been adjusting his notion of life and boundaries this past week and Dawn D still likes him although he wasn't pleased to be in such competent hands.  He got to see Josey, Shannean, and Heather as well this past week so I have had several up-dates.  Dawn says that he has a great little jog but he holds his head a little to the right almost all the time - she suggests teeth floating first and then perhaps chiropractic since he seems stuck.  I have to admit that he has had the head-to-the-right issue for quite some time (before the last chiro last summer) and he has not been floated in a while.  So, cross fingers for an easy fix.  Also, Alaina's western saddle is pinching - this is not good since it is the saddle we have. 

The first 2010 4-H ride night was Thursday evening and since Steve had a load of gravel added to help with driveway stability, I thought we would be good to go.  We did go.  Alaina got to ride the Dezzie Doo and Ivy rode Pico.  Diez is acting like the Mongolian War Horse so I think her feet must be feeling much better.  Pico was a little tense but no serious spooks.  Then, back home and I got the trailer stuck in the driveway.  It is always something. A little more rain on Saturday and guess what?   More Muck.   More yuck.
The ODS AGM was on Saturday in Sapulpa so, since the meeting started at 10:30, we all missed the party lesson at Patty's.  Lovely to see all my dressage-y friends and Splash enjoyed the time off.

Today Steve, Ivy, Alaina and I headed west to visit Kale and Sister in Stilwater.  My favorite son asked us to come at 1pm for late lunch so he wouldn't have to get up too early.  He also didn't want us to come to the house and see the state of mess there.  But, he neglected to return calls or texts in time, so we arrived at the house and he was still asleep.  It is very easy to worry about him - but once awake, he seemed ok.  We ate at a mexican place and then walked in the very cool breeze at Boomer Lake until Krystal got to Stillwater.  Then we headed to Sister's barn to check on her progress.  Krystal was delayed with work in late Dec/early Jan because of the snow-cold-ice-wet stuff, but Sister is now making progress.  With very minimal lounging, she is calm for mounting, walking down the county road to the "areana," and is fairly good at the walk and trot.  She does not like to move off leg pressure and is still a bit fiesty at the canter.  She is so athletic, I was not inspired to try her out although I think I could handle the walking and trotting.  Krystal says that she has been making faster progress the last couple of weeks, so I think things are going well.  Sister walks through puddles and is tolerant of dogs, kids, goats, and cows.  The arena is pretty soggy in places and Krystal is able to work in spite of the conditions.  Cross fingers for minimal rain and good progress for the rest of her stay in Stillwater.  And cross fingers for good riding weather for all of us YaYa's.

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